The Full Story

VW Clubs was established in March 2020 as founders Karl Field and Dean Withers wanted to create a VW enthusiast club that stood apart from the crowd - a car club that was both welcoming and created a sense of community amongst everyone who shared the same passion for Volkswagen as they did. 

VW Clubs has gone from strength to strength since creating our own Facebook page, now having over 7,000 members from all over the world.

With Karl and Dean at the wheel, they appointed Millie Obasi, Asim Gujjar,Harry Dingwall ,Jamie Matthews and Louise Williams as their very own co-drivers (administrators of the page)   

Karl, Dean and the rest of the VW Clubs family welcome you to the page and thank you for reading.


Meet The Team



The co-founder of VW Clubs, Drayman by day VW enthusiast by night.

Karl has been a VW fan for years and owns two MK4 Golfs along with a jointly owned T5 with his partner Millie, Karl's dream car is a MK4 R32



Working behind the scenes as our website designer and admin support.

Millie has become a convert to VW since buying her first VW, a T5 named Dora in August 2019. 

With her creative personality and eye for detail Millie hopes to take our merchandise and events to a new level.



A co-founder of VW Clubs, Dean has been a VW enthusiast for years, Dean is the owner of the featured Blue MK4 R32 that you will see throughout our website and social media pages.



One of our Admin team based in Staines, Surrey. Jamie has worked in car dealerships and previously owned his own valeting company. He now works at a dealership in sales,valeting, repairing and refurbishing alloys. He owns the Golf Mk7 R featured on our page and has owned a total of 7 Golfs!



I'm Ben, I'm 21 years old and obsessed with cars! I am an accountant all week and a car tinkerer of a weekend! I am the proud owner of my wrapped 2.0 TDi Scirocco on bags.



Rebecca currently works as a vehicle technician in Warwickshire, she has previously worked for the Renault parts department at a dealership in Oxfordshire. She is happily married and jointly owns a mobile tequila bar airbrushed into a split screen camper, it goes without saying she has a passion for VW.



Calista one of our Admin team, Dental nurse by day and VW enthusiast by night, she is a keen horse rider and Auto grass racer. Calista owns a VW Lupo 1.4 Open Air.



I'm Harry, I'm an aircraft mechanic in the RAF, I have a slight obsession with Polos and I have now had 4 in the 2 years I have been driving. I drive a VW Bora VR5.



Lesley is one of our Admin's based in the Scottish Highlands, she is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner but has always been into cars, she particularly loves vintage cars & VW's. She enjoys the van scene and going camping in and around busy family life and her horses.